Policies and Procedures
1. Hall Rental
Please call for pricing
2. Liquor and Beverage Policy
-If you wish to have bottles of wine or champagne at the table, the bottles are supplied by the Eagle for $19.95 per bottle
• Massachusetts law prohibits liquor being brought onto the premises for distribution (example: liquor favors, specialty punches, etc.)
• Under no circumstance will non-alcoholic beverages or mixes be brought into the facility (example: soda bar, juice bar, etc.)
-If you wish to have unlimited soda at your event, an additional fee of $150.00 (per 100 guests) will apply and the Eagle will supply/serve it from the bar.
• Open bar options are available upon request *note: straight liquor shots will not be available at open bar events
3. Caterer
• The Eagle does not cook or serve food; therefore an outside caterer is needed.

• If you are going to use an outside caterer, it is strongly suggested that arrangements are made at least seven (7) days in advance for your caterer to visit the facility.

• Note: Hot water is available at the caterer’s station outside of the kitchen. Washing dishes or other items is NOT permitted on site.
4. Lost or Stolen Items
• The Eagle is not responsible for equipment or property tha t is lost or damaged before, during or after an event.
5. The following equipment is NOT provided to customers by the facility.
• Scissors
• Tape
• Computer and/or printer
• Photocopies
• Markers
• Zip ties, binders or string
• Paper products
• Tools
• Decorative lights
• Linens (the event center staff can order these for you for the cost of the linens plus a nominal service fee)
• Batteries
• Helium tank
• Table centerpieces
It is often asked for, so please check your supply before coming to set up for your event:
6. Decorations
• Halogen lighting is NOT permitted
• Tape of any kind is not allowed on the woodwork
• Tacks or nails is NOT permitted on woodwork
• Under no circumstance will any candle, flame, or other lit decorations be allowed during your event**
7. All items must be removed at the conclusion of your event.
8. Deposit and Final Payment Requirements
• Your nonrefundable deposit of $100.00 is due upon signing of contract and remaining balance is due thirty (30) days prior to the event.
(i.e. decorations, food, etc.). NO exceptions will be made.
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