Weddings, Bridals, Baby Showers, Anniversary Parties, Political Functions, Birthday Parties, Meetings, Holiday Parties.
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35 North Main Street . Fall River . MA
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Welcome to The Eagle Event Center's website. Here you will find information about this historic landmark. This site also serves as a way of contacting us for reserving your upcoming special date. We strive to make every event that is booked with us a success. From weddings to group events, many more great memories will be made here. From the elegant hardwood dance floor to the balcony seats, the old world charm is still very much alive. And as far as live entertainment goes, The Eagle Event Center's acoustically correct architecture is second to none. The acoustics naturally intensifies audio! The aesthetics of The Eagle are so unique, the venue is considered the rittziest place in the area. The layout is perfect for any gathering. So thank you for visiting our website. We are looking forward to booking your event!
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The Historic Eagle
Old Fall River Pictures
Architect Maude Darling Parlin
The Fall River Line
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